We offer all-round implementation and all kinds of extra services for our clients.

We can take on the coordination with the interconnected service providers, authorities and utilities needed for the implementation. We can also carry out the refitting of the antenna system and the equipment of the interconnected service providers to achieve a speedy implementation and the most optimal placement of the infrastructure.

Implementation Services

Steel Structure Manufacturing

Our company has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 20 tonnes of tailor-made painted, stainless steel, galvanized or hot dip galvanized structures. The Group has a 650sq meter metal workshop standing by which can manufacture 240 tonnes of metal structure annually.

Our subordinate  possesses the EN 1090-2 welding qualification up to class EXC3 for frame support construction therefore these  manufactured steel structures meet the requirements of our German clients as well.

Electric Implementation

We configure meter points and also power companies’ unmeasured and consumer owned measured terminals all over the country.  We construct the internal electric and grounding network of telecom facilities.

We obtain the statement of consents from the owners and utility providers together with the permissions if required. Following the implementation we prepare the “as built” documentation. We make geodesic calibration of the cable route and have it registered if needed. The quality of our work is documented by security measurements and reports.

Lightning Protection

We configure and survey lightning protection and grounding systems on both old and new industrial installations, tower structures, buildings, condos as well as homes.

These works are carried out by professional steeplejacks where necessary.

Structural Construction, Extension of Telecommunication Infrastructure

We undertake the full structural construction of telecommunication infrastructure. We perform master builder and skilled craftsman work from ground work to steel structure assembly.

We devote great attention to work safety in this field as well.

Wired Telecommunication Networks

Fibre optic and copper-based network. We implement a turnkey solution for wired telecommunication networks throughout the country along with earthwork and under-structure where needed. That includes the acquiring, installation and configuration of the equipment necessary for the implementable network. We carry out fusion splicing and final assembly of both single-mode and multi-mode optic fibre cable networks as well as the full measurement, trouble-shooting and repairing of optic networks. We can also manufacture and deliver custom sized optic cables and optic patch cables (with ST, FC, SC, LC, ST, etc. connectors).

Structured network (LAN and/or WLAN). We undertake the comprehensive implementation data transmission and IT networks as general contractor for office blocks, hotels and other facilities throughout the country including cable routing, and the acquiring, installation and configuration of the needed IT equipment. We document all tests and measurements required by our clients to verify the quality and conformity of the work completed.

Installation and Commissioning of Radio-Engineering Equipment

We can install telecommunication infrastructure on all sorts of premises. The installation of antennas and cables are done by our industrial alpinists with many years of experience under their belts, followed by the equipment installation phase controlled by our engineers. In doing so, we perform system tests on the equipment and integrate them into the client’s network. Such projects require the most up to date technology and also the knowledge of all the well established international suppliers’ tech.

Installation and Commissioning of Transmission Connections

We are ready to install and commission transmission connections of any capacity.

We have routine in installing PDH and SDH systems; we use the most up to date multiradio and e-band equipment. We document all the tests and measurements required by our clients to verify the quality and conformity of the work completed.