We offer an all-inclusive service to our customers.

By doing so, our experts working together side by side can create a professional and homogeneous documentation by harmonizing all engineering and technical aspects.

Our goal is to relieve our customers from having to deal with the problems of differing concepts in structural, electric, network and radio-engineering design.

Our designers are familiar with the requirements of the major providers; they work closely with the clients’ agents as well as their associates who are focusing on acquisition and implementation. They are able to participate in several major projects at once adapting to the priorities and the urgency of their to do list.

Design Services

Network Design

We design optical, classic copper and structural networks and also draft the documentation of the network’s engineering design. High quality and accurate work as well as compliance with regulations and deadlines are guaranteed by our designers. We obtain the necessary permissions for design and implementation in addition to the official position statements and licences. We prepare the “as built” documentation at the end of the implementation phase. In order to find the optimal solutions we may also involve external advisors.

Structural Design

We draft the base stations’ planning application documents as well as implementation plan documents and the necessary static tests. Our designers with years’ of experience guarantee high quality work and the meeting of deadlines. We also prepare the implementation drawing, the feasibility study and architectural perspective if required. We obtain the necessary official position statements and permissions for design. We prepare the “as built” documentation at the end of the implementation phase.

Transmission Design

We create designs connecting access and backbone networks that fully satisfy our customers’ demands. Upon request, we make calculations for targets specified by our costumers regarding threshold failure, dependability and outage probability; we also prepare the frequency design and obtain the authorisation of the National Infocommounication Board for the connection.

We also optimize the capacity of the costumer PCM network system if needed.

Electric Design

We make electric power-supply, grounding and lightning protection design.

We obtain the permissions of the utility providers and property owners for the electric design and installation tasks. We manage the projects’ full administration towards the electricity companies counting on our many years’ of cooperation.