We have broadened our scope of business through acquisition and the set up of companies in order to ensure the most effective and high end services for our clients. We managed to optimize our work capacity through the close cooperation of our operations specializing in different fields. Our unified corporate culture enables us to perform the various works back-to-back and keeping our activities transparent, traceable and controllable at the same time.

The members of GeneralGroup are GeneralLog, General Hungária, GeneralNet, GeneralCom Deutschland GCD GmbH

General Hungaria Co Ltd.

Construction Services

Our company is engaged in infrastructural, civil and public utility building works as well as environmental and terrain arrangements on both general and sub-contractor levels.

Our well-trained staff is able to carry out cutting edge engineering in the whole scope of the building industry.

GeneralLog Ltd.

GeneralLog provides GeneralCom with a wide range of logistical services that include procurement of materials, stockpiling and the processing of orders from paper load size to the truckload.

Our 800sq meter storage partly falls into the category of high framing stores but can also operate in a cluster system. The flexible storage capacity can be adjusted to the change in demand.

Our skilful staff control warehousing supported by the most advanced IT technology so that GeneralCom can fully comply with the clients’ needs. The firm operates light vans as well as self-loader 8 ton trucks with long cargo area.

GeneralNet Co.Ltd.

Our qualified steeplejacks typically erect steel sructures and install radio-engineering of mobile telecommunication infrastructure across Hungary and Germany. They are well acquainted with the requirements of Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telenor and are well familiar with the installation of Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and ZTE technology.

GeneralCom Deutschland

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