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Data Protection
Personal data sharing is not required to have access to this website.
Any personal data shared on the websites is handled according to the country’s data regulations the GeneralGroup member operates in. It is Act CXII. of 2011 of data protection in Hungary.

Should you voluntarily message any of your personal data to GeneralCom you give it your consent to have your data registered and managed for the time and purpose specified by the nature of the issue.

The following automatically generated Information without personal data is used temporarily by GeneralGroup to run the website:

  • IP address
  • Domain name (URL)
  • Data of access
  • Customer file request (accessed sites and links)
  • HTTP response code
  • Data of site the request originates from
  • Data traffic during visit
  • Time and duration of visit
  • Data of the visited sites
  • Type and language of the used browser

You will find more information at How GeneralCom uses Cookies

Data Usage and Data Transmission

No personal data processed by GeneralCom can be subject to transmission to third-parties without the consent of the persons concerned, the only exception being compliance with legal obligation.

GeneralCom handles all data concerning its customers, partners and other clients in relation to their businesses as trade secret.

Data Security

Our company applies extensive technical and operational security measures In order to avoid unauthorized use and imposition of personal data. The security procedure is regularly checked and updated.

Disclosure of Information

Upon written request parties concerned shall be informed of the handling of their personal data by GeneralCom.

Please take note that through GeneralCom’s website you can get to sites of other companies and organisations. GeneralCom cannot take responsibility for the content, neither the validity nor the security of your personal data on such sites. We suggest you check the data protection policy of the sites in question should you visit any of them.

How GeneralCom uses Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data files (limited sized data exchanged between the server and the user) that the website sends to the users’ hard disk. The only time GeneralCom and its servers send cookies is when you visit its website or other sites that run GeneralCom ads, when information is requested or tailored or when you register to certain services.

GeneralCom uses search and Flash cookies for instance to find out if you have ever visited its site and they help to identify those functions/services that are likely to be of interest to you. The search and Flash cookies enhance the online experience by saving the preferred information during the visit of a particular site. Neither the search nor the Flash cookies can identify you personally.

Should you accept cookies on our website you may share us information about your browsing habits that we can use to customise user experience. Cookies are either valid for a single session or they stay as permanent cookies on your device. The former stays only until the shutting down of the browser while the latter stays until their expiration or till they are deleted. Most browsers automatically accept cookies as default but you can also choose to reject or select them in the browser’s security settings. You will not be able to use some of the website’s functions easily and some sites will not come up properly if you turn off the use of cookies.

You will find more info of the most popular browsers and the use of cookies at Help and Support menus of your browser.

Cookies used by GeneralCom

Cookies for analysis
When visiting GeneralCom’s website, an anonymous cookie generated by a web analyser software helps to determine if the user has previously visited the website. These cookies help to specify the number and location of visitors as well as the sites they have accessed. The data is used to assess the attendance of the sites and then to upgrade them. Cookies serving analyser purposes are only suitable to collect statistical data and not for personal identification.

Cookies related to the operation of websites
Some cookies store what tools and functions are accessed by the user on the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Cookies storing geographical data
Area related content can be displayed by using cookies storing geographical data. Cookies exert browser’s data to establish where the user came from to visit the website.

Can I turn off cookies?

You can of course set your browser to receive cookies only from particular websites or to receive none at all. You can find out more about cookie settings of main browsers by clicking on the following links. The Help menu of these browsers also contains useful information.

Settings of Chrome cookies here
Settings of Firefox cookies itt
Settings of Internet Explorer here
Settings of Safari cookies (Mac) here
Settings of Safari cookies (iPhone and iPad) here

You can ask to delete shared personal data at