One of the biggest challenges for the engineers working in the area of sewage disposal and water quality control are water quality problems due to the collecting of rainwater and territorial runoff. The aim of developing GeneralStorm software which supports computer designing was to make specialists able to model surface runoffs and to help in evaluating the efficiency of strategies that serve the improvement of water quality. The programme’s original version, Stormwater Management model (SWMM) was developed by the United States Environmental Agency (US EPA). GeneralCom Ltd. upgraded the software by the modules designers mostly missed during consultations (MS Excel based data processing; export/import of DXF files; the operation of designer versions; rainwater wizzard; works wizzard; retention time wizzard; automated calibration unit). The programme is also available in Hungarian language with a Hungarian reference book.

General Programme Guide

GeneralStrom is a dynamic, rainwater runoff animation programme which was developed for the examining of water gathering and runoffs of both short (one off) and prolonged time rainfalls in urban areas and the course and quality of water running in the drainage system. With the help of the software area under inspection can be divided into homogeneous smaller catchments where outbound runoff and load of contamination is calculated automatically in the course of rain. From these catchments the model channels the water through drainpipe systems and gutters, reservoirs, filters, pumps and regulators. With GeneralStorm you can follow through how water quality and runoffs generated by a specific area change in time in the different parts of the sewage system.

GeneralStorm provides an integrated user friendly IT surrounding for the construction of input data about the examined area as well as hydrologic, hydraulic and water quality calculations and their display in all kinds of charts and graphics. The software up-graded from SWMM by GeneralCom Ltd. can be directly connected to plans designed by SewCAD for modeling checks and then the results can be fed back into SewCAD. This way the graphical imagery of SewCAD is also available for the users of GeneralStorm.

The Hydrologic Submodel

In order to be as accurate as possible GeneralStorm implies the hydrologic aspects shaping surface runoffs such as

  • operating rainwater timelines
  • surface evaporation of permanent waters
  • accumulation and melting of snow
  • rainwater interception
  • infiltration of rainwater into vadose-zone
  • flow of infiltrated rainwater into subsoil water
  • the control of flow between drainage system and subsoil water
  • non-linear reservoir control


The Hydraulic Submodel

GeneralStorm offers the chance to conduct a flexible examination for designers through hydraulic modeling in the area of surface flow and attached external pipelines, passing on flows in open pipelines, the analysis of the operation of storage, cleaning and controlling modules. The parameters of the hydraulic sub-module:

  • networks to be analyzed have no limits in size
  • great number of cross sections types as built in element, existing cross section for open drains
  • possibility of application of specific modules usable during network building as built in elements (storage/cleaning units; flow controlling elements; pumps; flood gates)
  • application of input of surface runoff linked to externally added water quality, subsoil water flow, rainwater dependent flow/infiltration, dry spell sewage flow and application of flow defined by user
  • possibility of application of kinematics or dynamic spread of waves
  • application of numerous types of flow with the help of the model (back streaming; overload; surface storage)
  • possibility of application of dynamic control for pumps and spouts, flood gate levels defined by user


Not only does GeneralStorm analyse contamination linked to surface runoffs but it also makes it possible for users to examine contamination build up.  The following can be examined by the model in respect of any contaminant defined by the user:

  • dry spell contamination in case of use of different areas
  • area dependent contamination washout caused by rainwater   
  • quality inspection of accumulated rainwater
  • examination of public area cleaning having a decreasing effect on dry spell contamination
  • examination of the decrease in washouts due to the application of Best Manager Practice (BMP)
  • dry spell induction of contamination and external flow mix defined by user
  • the tracing of water quality components through the whole system
  • inspection of contamination decrease due to the effect of natural processes and cleansing in reservoirs


Field of Application of GeneralStorm

  • To design deflector networks to prevent flooding
  • Sizing of water retardant systems with their accessories to avoid water quality problems and prevent flooding
  • The mapping of floodplains of natural drainage systems
  • Working out control strategies to avoid any overflow of joint drainage systems
  • Assessment of the impact of infiltration and mixing flow at overflows of the sewage system
  • The impact analysis of the creation of non-point wise contamination through placement of contaminant
  • Efficiency analysis of Best Management Practice (BMP) worked out for decreasing the load of wet seasonal contamination
  • Problem solving and designing systems containing lift stations


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